September 1st, 2010

Tony Blair, creepy cousin to the western world…

Blair and Brown

"Kiss me Gordon..."

Tony Blair, creepy cousin to the western world, announced today the release of his memoirs, and they look as uneventful as Clinton’s.

In his memoir Tony reveals his battle with Alzheimer’s disease. The poor guy can’t seem to remember how crappy his tenure was. He Blames the loss of Labor on “not enough reforms” (neo-liberal speak for not selling enough national assets to private interests), and many other incongruences and omissions, none of which seem to relate to his incompetence, or to his selling the country out to American investors, or his humongous Iraqi fiasco. If you want the full litany of charges you can follow Greg Pallast, who has done an excellent job of being a pain in the former PM’s bum.

There is one bit of information in there that I found interesting (chuckle). Apparently, Howdy Doody thought that Gordon Brown was a bit “difficult” to deal with.

Really Tony Blair? You found Gordon Brown difficult to deal with? Maybe he was trying to contain himself from kicking you in the nuts! Tony Blair, a man who earned the rare distinction of being outwitted by George W. Bush, a man who  handed over a shell of a country to his successor, came out richer in the process, and essentially facilitated the takeover by the Tories thinks that the next PM might have been a tad pissed at him…WTF??

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