February 10th, 2013

Site Makeover

It was time to update/upgrade this site, so after some recoding I deployed a new joserg.com and redid the theme for this blog. Please take a look around and report any bugs or style issues.

I have packaged the files for both the portfolio site and the blog, and you may use and change them for your own purposes in whatever way you see fit. The main site is very lean on php to allow for faster loading and the lightboxes use JavaScript for loading the images. The whole thing should run pretty fast on most connections. The blog runs on WP so I just packaged the theme. It uses native menus, and it is a reworking of the ET-Starter theme. Download links are here: Main Site and Blog.

If I had the time I would build an upload page to put image and text files files and update the SQL database to make updating the site even easier, but I can’t get into that right now. If you write such a sessions page please share back!

Thanks and enjoy!

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