September 3rd, 2010

OK people, I don’t think it’s supposed to have a plot!

WARNING: Watching this movie may cause your testicles to grow by 2 cm … unless you live in Arizona, in which case they might shrink by 3 cm.

So right off the bat, if you are a movie reviewer and you sat there trying to deconstruct this movie and weigh it against other films, you are an incredibly boring individual.

Everyone in this movie is a stereotype, or a caricature of himself, or both. The plot makes very little sense, the script is absolutely ridiculous, and people sound like they are reading cue cards. But in spite off all the cheese and ham, you have one hell of a time watching this thing. You will chuckle your ass off, and sometimes you will laugh too.

The only thing that is regretable about it is that they didn’t let Danny Trejo ham it up as much as everyone else. That would have made it totally awesome instead of just awesome.

I saw it in an old theater in Jackson Heights. I’ve passed by this site hundreds of times, but they always have crappy Hollywood movies (ehem). It’s quite beautiful inside. The movie hall is huge but it was to dark to take a picture of it.



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