January 28th, 2010

Man, Europeans seem to be having a LOT of sex…


Digital Maps Reveal Hidden Geographies Of Sex And Religion

[From Gawker] – “When you create a marker on Google Maps, you could be revealing the most popular religious and sexual habits in your local region. At least, that’s what a group of social geographers demonstrated with their “sex and religion” map.

A group of three geographers who research internet map data did an exhaustive study of user-generated markers on Google maps. These are flags and notes that people can leave on Google maps to let other people know what’s going on in that area. University of Kentucky’s Matthew Zook and Oxford’s Mark Graham sifted through reams of this data looking for keywords that popped up in association with different regions. One of their most recent results is this map showing the prevalence of words associated with different religions (they picked the words “Jesus,” “Hindu,” “Buddha,” and “Allah“). More »

I’m actually surprissed by all the “Buddha” in Korea. We always assume it’s a majority Christian country, but it’s more like 51% unaffiliated, 29% Christian and 22% Buddhist.
But I guess I’m even more surprissed by all the “Sex” in North Korea. Yeah Baby!! (You have to say it with an Austin Powers accent).

Here’s looking at you Young Hae Chang! 🙂

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