July 6th, 2010

let’s settle this now…

Aztec Ball CourtThe original game of hoops

The British need to stop saying they invented football.

It is simply NOT TRUE.

Football (just like basketball, volleyball and many other sports) depends a ball that can bounce. This concept was COMPLETELY UNKNOWN in Europe because they didn’t have rubber, an American product. The first time Europeans saw a ball bounce they saw it from Taino indians in the Caribbean, who were were playing a game in which “the ball had to be kept in play by means of the hips, shoulders, legs and any part of the body except the arms.” Hmm … what does that sound like? I swear if my eyes could roll any harder I’d be looking at my brains right now! >_<”

The Aztecs had a similar version of the game with the addition of a hoop through which the ball had to pass in order for a score to be made. Now what does that sound like?

Read a book people!

Aztec Ulama PlayerHe’s playin’ Toluca style…
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